Cheryl's Journey

Primary Goals – Weight loss

Cheryl started training with me in June 2016, a hardworking, dedicated midwife and mother of 2, Cheryl had struggled with her weight throughout her life. Initially Cheryl started to see some weight loss however any initial gains had been lost due to some poor lifestyle choices. In took Cheryl 7 months to start making real progress losing 7lbs (1/2 stone) in 1 month, losing 1 inch from her waist, reaching the top of the Balke treadmill walk test @ gradient 15 and seeing improvements to core strength and muscular endurance tests!

Changes made involved the following;

  1. Frequency - exercising 3-5 times per week ( 1 PT session, 1 PT plan, Body Jam & Sh'bam classes. 
  2. Intensity - working harder and challenging the CV system. 
  3. Time - Aerobic ( longer) and Anaerobic ( shorter) training to challenge the energy systems. 
  4. Type - variety and having fun!
  5. Cheryl made a real effort to eat well during her night shifts and included her family as part of her journey by taking part in extra activity such as playing Badminton. 

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