Jays's Journey

Primary Goals – Development of motor skills and
Hypertrophy (Increased muscle size)

Jay started training with me in March 2016 with the initial aim of improving his Motor skills, flexibility and core strength. Due to Jays Dyspraxia, he was having difficulty with basic foot movements and coordination as well as being identified with poor range of movement.
Jays initial training programme enabled him to increase his range of movement utilising the TRX, resistance bands, functional strength work and core workouts using the Bosu ball. Having improved theses key areas Jay progressed to following a strength development plan with progressive overload enabling him to gradually build strength and increase his 1 rep max scores utilising free weights, cable pulleys and Athletic equipment.
Jay has also developed his CV fitness through much more demanding HIIT sessions, utilising bodyweight workouts, Kettlebells, Viprs and Bulgarian bags! Overtime Jay has been able to 1 rep max 90 kg on the Bench press and 280kg on the Angled leg press! This has been achieved with Jay whilst studying for his A-levels!

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